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AMHS owner Ken Betz was born into a family of carpenters and has been working in the field for over 42 years. The consummate craftsman, he not only produces mouldings, fine furnishings, casework, and more, but also analyzes each situation and generates solutions based on his reviews and his customers’ needs. For this reason Ken is recognized for historical restoration work and high-end projects that require a proven aesthetic sensibility.

In addition to woodworking, AMHS is a resource for the finest domestic and exotic hardwoods. AMHS cares about the outcome of its customers’ projects—and Ken Betz has got the splinters to prove it.

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The interior woodwork at the Saint Elizabeth’s Church in Wyckoff New Jersey was provided by AMHS – Architectural Mouldings Hardwoods & Supplies

AMHS specializes in

Closet Organization Systems
CNC Machining Service
Providing hard-to-find domestic and exotic imported hardwoods
Supplying and creating milled moulding (including reproductions and custom work)
Historical renovation and preservation services
Custom casework and fine furniture

Closet Organization Systems

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Turn your closets into a well organized and optimized spaces.
Great for bedrooms, bathrooms, Kids room, kitchen,
garage and storage space in your home.
» Fully customizable
» Designed for maximum strength
» Made in the USA

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