Historical Restoration

historical restorations

From the replication of original mouldings, to the restoration of historical shelves and cabinetry, to complex exterior renovation work, AMHS is proud to have earned a reputation for being able to provide cost-effective and historically authentic responses to renovation challenges, even in instances where none seemed possible.

Case in Point: The Crawford House

It was AMHS that responded to the call for help when it was discovered that the famed historical Crawford house—which is the headquarters for the Newburgh Historical Society—had rotting bases supporting its four impressive 24-foot high neoclassically-designed columns. Other woodworkers and restoration professionals had already proposed estimates that included actual removal and replacement of the columns, which date back to 1830, and feature elegant design details from that time period. Since nothing was wrong with the columns themselves, their removal seemed objectionable from a historical point of view. AMHS’s Ken Betz was the only one to offer a solution that would save the columns from ruin. Using custom-building tools—such as clamps and jacks—to exact column specifications so that he could safely support the columns while he removed the rotting bases and replaced them with replications, Ken was able not only to save the columns but also the tens of thousands of dollars that it would have cost to reconstruct them. And of course by saving the columns he preserved the historical integrity of one of the most prominent features of the building.

Historical 0111In addition to the replication and replacement of the column bases, Ken and AMHS replicated the porch stairs, railings and balusters, matching their original design and restoring them to their original beauty.

Creating the right tools to do the job is all part of the service that AMHS provides for its historical renovation projects. Even replicating something as seemingly simple as a moulding in a historical setting can require a specially-designed knife in order to duplicate the characteristics of the original.

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