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Webber House

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One of the most exciting projects that Ken Betz and AMHS are currently working on is a private residence in the historic district of Newburgh, on the same road as the Crawford House referenced on the Historic Renovations page. Built in the late 1700s, the Webber House was one of the first homes in the district.

Because of the house’s age and the condition of many of its most valuable features, work on the property is commencing in phases. In the first phase, AMHS reconstructed the house’s historic box gutters and repaired its period fascia and crowns.

Installing a windowThe house has undergone several renovations over the years, and in the course of working on the exterior, Ken Betz became concerned with a box-like bump-out that had been added to the back of the house during one of the updates. The bump-out did not blend in with the rest of the house from an exterior perspective because it did not incorporate the box gutters, fascia and crown work of the original structure. AMHS tore the roof off the bump-out and generated fascia and gutter duplicates and wrapped them around the upper structure of the bump-out so that it is now integrated with the rest of the house.

detail of work on Webber HouseOnce the work on the exterior of the add-on was completed, Ken began to work on the interior, replicating the historical details from the original structure and adding them to the bump-out. Ken produced interior doors from sapele, a tropical African hardwood that resembles mahogany, and he took profiles of the existing mouldings from the original structure so that he could generate the knives needed to replicate mouldings for the bump-out.

Red Room

Currently Ken is working on a round room that is part of the front porch. The most prominent feature of this room is five windows that were broken and falling apart when Ken first encountered them. After removing the windows, Ken began to work on mouldings for the new windows. He also worked to preserve the original columns in the room so that something would remain that dated back to when the house was first built.

Custom Vanity with Parchment Doors

Currently he is building a 36-inch-wide vanity based on his own designs. He is using domestic cherry wood for the vanity frame and side panels, and he will be veneering the doors with hand-made parchment.

custom made vanityThis combination of wood and parchment on furniture is a unique expression of Ken Betz’s imagination. The skins from which parchment is made are waste product from slaughter houses and are normally disposed of. Turning skins into parchment, and stretching, scraping and painting parchment into works of art, requires the knowledge of labor-intensive skills first developed in ancient times, and few artisans these days employ them. Ken is fortunate to have a parchment artist right in his building, one of the few in the country.

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Mouldings, Hardwoods, & Custom Work

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