Custom Mouldings & Millwork

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In instances where customers are seeking to restore antique mouldings and maintain exacting historical integrity in their homes or buildings, a small sample of the original moulding—or even a drawing—ensures AMHS’s ability to recapture the moulding profile and retain the beauty and integrity of the building. AMHS also works with customers seeking to create their own moulding designs. CAD program users can even email their creations to AMHS so that the necessary tooling can be machined directly from the customer’s diagram.

window mouldingAMHS is a supplier of domestic and international hardwoods. Our customers can apply their moulding selections to any number of wood species.

AMHS understands that it is the fine details, such as those found in mouldings and millwork, that bring character and beauty and life to a home or building in a unique way. In a world of big box retailers and assembly line products, AMHS is proud to offer skill and artistry in all its woodworking endeavors and a wide range of choices in its woods.

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