Testimonials & Reviews

“Ken Betz is a highly experienced craftsman… He knows there is a right way to do the job, and will not accept any other. He is warm and friendly, respectful and polite. He is extremely dependable… Above all, he is trustworthy. Certainly he is one of a kind.”

David M./Newburgh, NY

Marie and I just wanted to thank you again for all your hard work on this. Your ability to visualize what we had a hard time explaining ourselves was incredible. And your knack at adding on little accents and touches to the job absolutely put it over the top for us.

I’m sure your reputation speaks for itself but if you ever need a referral for your quality of work or business integrity please send them our way.”

Joe and Marie

Working with Ken on the restoration of a 150 year old building on the campus of the Bronx Community College, I found his many years of practice invaluable on this challenging project. His work was professionally executed, and his relationship with me equally so. I recommend Ken unreservedly, and look forward to working with him again in the future.”

Brian Francis

“Ken has worked with the needs and issues of our non-profit Shawangunk Historical Society for several years.
He has helped us determine the needs and range of necessary improvements to the historic home that we own and plan to use for public educational events. We are fully satisfied with his efforts and final results. We plan on using him in the future.”

K Mooney 

 “I don’t know of any other person with Ken’s level of passion and dedication to his craft. A professional in every sense of the word.”

Ray Fritzsche

“Ken came to me through my brother who also had used him for his new kitchen. Ken was very helpful and knowledgeable in kitchen design and about the products that were out there for our budget. He had supplied us with the cabinets and countertop. When it came to the installation his craftsmanship showed, due to the fact that the kitchen was not perfectly square, my wife and I are DIY er’s and did all the construction. We always get compliments on the kitchen.”

Eugene Nasuti

 “ken is dedicated to providing only the highest of quality in every aspect of his products and offerings. His knowledge of woodworking is complimented by his determination to deliver without compromise. When you work with Ken, you will receive the greatest value.”

Doug Linguanti